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Tuesday, October 29th, 2013...9:15 AM

And now for something different!

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We always said that Sadie was the bossiest bitch in the ‘verse, but honestly, since Sam died (which will be seven weeks ago on Thursday), she really hasn’t been her old self. Or, maybe she HAS been her old self…her old, old self.

She’s finally started going outside on her own again, and has resumed some of her “Yard Patrols.” She’s even gotten a few rabbits (do not get me started on last week’s apocalyptic bunny massacre/subsequent vomitorium on the rug festival of fun…). But mostly, she spends all of her time in the basement sleeping. If she does come up, she is needy and scared and timid–it’s almost like she’s the same abused and nervous dog we rescued seven years ago.  She hasn’t played with any of the toys, hasn’t wanted to do much of anything. It’s like when she HAD someone to boss around, she was the Queen Bee…but she’s just not sure how to be an only dog.

So last night was her birthday, and we decided to give her a little party. AND we didn’t even make her wear a hat, since she hates it :p

I made her a “cake” and then she got a brand new toy rabbit (even though she has a basket FULL of toys, they were all “shared”, and probably still smell like Sam, I’m sure. *I* think they smell like stinky nonspecific dog slobber and schmerm, but to her…it’s probably pretty distinctinve :D).

Frankly, in the interest of full disclosure, the rabbit was almost a bit TOO creepily lifelike…even moreso now, as it lays on the rug, it’s head all LindaBlaired and its dead eyes staring sightlessly in my direction…but, whatever, it’s not MY birthday.

So, in honor of Sadie Susan, Sadis, Sadissasonacarus, Boobers, Boober Girl, Booberkins, little Miss Satan Pants, please enjoy these images!

Here is a video (JUST FOR YOU Sally!!!) of Sadie and her birthday toy!  and here is her FaceBorg album

I can haz cake nowz?
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MY toy!
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  • Look at her licking her lips.. looks yummy! I hope she starts to adjust soon, in the meantime HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  • Grrrrrrrr..I know you’ll find this hard to believe with my outstanding computer skills…..Iwasn’t able to see the pics yet!! It took me to “Upload Images and Videos”…asked me to choose a file, a tag line, etc…Itried using your captions vut still couldn’t get it. And I know I’ve been able to see them before on this link you’ve used. Let’s wait and see if anyne else can see them…..of course…it’s probably ole’ Sal and her tavlet’s problem!

    YOUR UPDATE…OMD! Had me laughing so hard tears were pouring out!! Love happy tears! Sam and Sadie knew EXACRLY what they were doing when they picked you! As srubbor as Sam is and as bossie as Sadie is, you own the wit and good humor title!!

    I can’t even respond! Its just priceless! And so are you! Keep scrolling back up and read g it and lauhing harder each time!

    Sooooo glad you are posring here, and in the forms. You and Sam’s legacy are vital to the community on so many levels.

    When I showed this to Happy Hannah, she immediately sfarted working on a card for you. So I’ll send it when she’s through.

    Really hope we can make the pictures work…can’t wait to see that poor vunny. Really glad you didn’t photo the vomit though!

    How old?

    And Sammer, the bunnies are srill being slaughtered in your honor by Sadie (poor bunnies) You trained her well!

    Megan, Megan, Megan… are a very special soul……very special.

    Surrou ding you with the “fragrance” of Sam’s toys forever!

    Sally and Happy Hannah

  • Poor bunny!!!!! lol
    Happy Birthday Sadie!!!!! I hope you enjoyed that cake!!!
    7 weeks!!! just seems like not too long ago… *hugs*
    When my Franklin left us, my Maggie howled and whined whenever we left her alone.. and she dragged herself around… it was heartbreaking to see… needless to say.. we ended up getting Mr. Wilson a month after Franklin passed… and she has been her old self since then. Friends of mine who have had two doggers, say that it has taken 4-5 months for the remaining dogger to adjust being a lone dog again…
    She’ll get it eventually.. and in the meantime she will enjoy all the spoiling to herself!!

  • Weeeeeell holy moly!! Just hit the reply button and the pictures showed up!

    CUTENESS OVERLOAD!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE THE CAKE HOTO! PERFECT! Fot her licking her chops!! Perfect!!

    Heck, I stsrted slobbering when I saw that cake!! My virthday’s in January…can I put my order in now?

    Okay, that oto needs to be in that “dog contest”, or somewhere. Look at her…the anticipation and focus…OMD!

    Now that bunny Megan, that’s a pretty darn big vunny that she’s gobbling up over there. But I’m glad to see her thotoughly enjoying herself. Nice photo, very heartwarming.

    Thanks again Megan!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these photos!

  • Sally: Sadie is eight (give or take). When we rescued her, we knew she was a “teenage mom”–under a year and she had just weaned her puppies–but her exact birthdate is unknown. So we use her adoption date as her birthday 🙂

    Christine: I don’t think Sadie was ever really alone…she had been an outside dog, tied up with other dogs, then brought in with her little puppies. When they got homes, they were going to euthanize her (it was a high-kill shelter in KY). Rescue brought her up here, and the rest is history.

    But never fear, she won’t be an only dog for long 😉

  • Well now, I just came back to post Happy Hannqh’s card….and your post to Christine…well….you’ll see…the Universe and Sam sre at work.

    So, actually, Happy Hannah wants to share a dream she had last night…….it’s a two parter…..


    this is the message Sam sent her……

  • 😀 Sally, you never fail to make me smile! You are so creative.

    And Happy Hannah is having portentous dreams…that just may come true 😮 😮 😮

  •   fourminipups
    October 29th, 2013 at 9:03 PM    Reply

    Happy birthday Sadie!!! Just saw a picture of your other present. I hink you’re gonna like it!

    Luanne and Spirit Shooter

  • Awwww, some special time for Miss Satan Pants! Happy bday, girl! Get that squeeker, get it!
    ~ Katy & Jackson

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