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Thursday, May 5th, 2016...10:44 AM

Just an update…

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Some of you may know, we lost our beloved Momo–our CRF kitty–this fall at the age of 11. He lived for three years on what amounted to zero kidneys, and levels off the charts–all on palliative care. And he did it in total style.

I figured we were done for awhile, saying goodbyes, I mean. Our other cats are 15 (in a couple weeks), 13, and 3; Sadie (our GSD mix) is 10 (and at under 40 lbs, was a young 10), and Gryphon the akita is just 2.5. Unfortunately, life jjst doesn’t always work that way.

Sadiee had been kind of “off” following a UTI this winter, but we chalked it up to age and stress (she’s a bit on the crazy side…thank you, Prozac, for bringing a sense of normaility to our house :D). But she had recovered from the UTI just fine, and her senior panel was “unremarkable” at her HW test and vaccination appointment earlier in the year, as well, so we just figured we’d mention it when we went in for her nail trim “Sometime in the next month or so.”

Last week, though, she took a dramatic turn, and “a little off” turned into a respirtory rate of 60-70, going as high as 120, rear limb weakness, huge lymph nodes, anorexia, wheezing, and bloody noses. Like, literally in the course of a week.

The trip to the vet and xrays/labs showed schmutz in the lungs (diffuse mixed bronchointerstitial pattern, to get technical); splenomegaly, a mass of indeterminate etiology near her spine, anemia, high WBC (high lymphocytes), etc etc etc… differentials could have been a lot of things for some of the things…but one thing that could account for it all is advanced lymphoma. Which is exactly what the FNA of the node suggested. Sent a culture out to test for blasto, though as well. Based on everything, the vet was as positive as he could be for lymphoma (“Well…there’s still an off chance it’s blasto. And, of course, it could be something totally bizarre that no one has heard of. But all the test results and symptoms say lymphoma.”)

Given the wide-spread symptoms, her intense hatred of vets, and a host of other things…we elected to start her on prednisone only. We have seen some improvement–but not nearly what you’d expect from pred therapy–which is usually fairly short lived, but typically dramatic.

So, we’re waiting, watching, and giving it a try for a few days. Then we have to make a call. Hurts my head, and my heart, to have to think about that again.


  •   benny55
    May 5th, 2016 at 11:08 AM    Reply

    Oh Megan, so.sorry having these challenges. This is bittersweet’s so good to hear from you, but not for these reasons.

    Heck, who knows? Momo beat the odds like crazy!! And goodness knows Samson sure did things his way.and didn’t listen to.any “doctors”! We can only hope this strong willed determination works for.Sadie.
    And the Prednisone can indeed extend quality time far beyond a “short time”. I’ve seen it firsthand with some.of my dogs.

    You clearly have Sadie’s best interest at heart. For me,.a big part of making quality decisions pets, a huge factor is how they handle car rides and trips to the vets. If it stresses them, then that’s off the table.

    Just like you said, day by day, no.worried about the tomorrows. Sadie is living in the now soaking up all yoir loving and spoiling and eating ice cream and steaks!!

    Surrounding you with love

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

    PS. Whenever.Sadie does decide she needs to transition out of her earth clothes, a long time from now, just know that Sam will be the first one to greet her at the.Bridge! WOW! What a reunion that will be!

  • I hope you are very right, Sally! And yes–both Sam and Momo were treated on pred alone (well, momo had fluids, of course. But Sam took pred and acupuncture), so I know it can be a wonder drug. 🙂 Here’s to hoping, for sure!

  •   Michelle
    May 5th, 2016 at 7:47 PM    Reply

    Megan, I am so sorry to hear about Sadie. She is a fighter and if anything Sam taught you how to be more dog. So like you said one day at a time. Prayers that this works for her.
    She needs to fight and keep that big lug head of a brother in line.

    prayers and hugs
    Michelle & Angel Sassy

  • Woooaaaah. Oh my gosh you’re so right, things can change so quickly. I’m really sorry, your pack has been through a lot these last few years.

    I know you guys are doing everything you can for her. We’ll all keep our fingers, toes & tails crossed that the pred kicks in and she keeps on fightin the good fight. Like Michelle said, she’s gotta lotta livin to do so she can keep Gryph in line!

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