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Friday, September 12th, 2014...4:42 PM

Do not stand at my grave and weep…

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So, for a brief moment yesterday, I was sad. I watched the video of Sam’s last day, and I thumbed through photos young and old, watching the both of us age. And in some ways, it seems like it can hardly have been a year since he died, right? He was JUST here. But when I look back, I realize time HAS passed, and the world has kept spinning, and we have found new routines. And I realized, it’s sad that he’s gone…but it is beautiful that he was.

He was a stubborn, goofy, horny, idiosyncratic curmudgeonly canine, and despite all that, he managed to woo people the world over. He was a bald, three-legged, chupacabra of a dog, and yet the lessons I learned from him about living well and, maybe more importantly, dying well, will stay with me forever.

SammerBoJangles, it was a life well lived, and a rest well earned. I miss you, Pigs…but more than anything, I am glad to have had the chance to walk (and hop) with you for 13 years.

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“This isn’t a sad story…it’s a happy one–all the way to the end.”


  • Megan & Spirit Sam, wiser words that are so rich with love could never have been said better than this. We as silly humans have no right to be sad when our lives were so blessed with the love of a dog like you, right? So let’s pawty and celebrate that you, Sammerz, not only brought your witty and hilarious Momma into our community, but that YOU made this world a better place in all that you did and everyone you touched. THANK YOU cranky old dawg, we will always love you and never ever forget your pawesome life story. xoxo

  • You couldn’t have said that more beautifully. Here’s to a life well lived and a rest well earned!

  • Ah Megan,

    You have it so perfectly right. We miss Sam and his adventures too but count ourselves as so lucky that you were generous enough to share him with us. His life was indeed one well lived and, as the poem says, Sam is not gone, he is everywhere. Raising a glass tonight in CELEBRATION of Sam! Woohoo, what a dawg!
    xoxoxo to you and Spirit Sam!
    Codie Rae and the Oaktown Pack

  • You are better than I am . I cried for you today. I read this and cried again. I know he loved his life. Just a sap I guess. He had a great life and I am glad you get to celebrate him. I love everyone of these pictures. Yay Sam.

    Michelle & Angel Sassy

    • No one is “better” than anyone, Michelle <3

      I cried plenty…and a little part of me is happy (?) to see that others cry that he is gone, too.
      Would that I could change things–for Sam, for everyone, but the only thing I have control of, though, is being happy that he was here, and celebrating his life.

    • It’s interesting that Ad of the Year nominations have just been TV ads.No digital. No ambient. No brand experice.Is this just a reflection of Scamps readership or simply the fact that TV is still THE medium to capture people’s imiginataon?

  • Oh Sweet, Sweet Megan and Sam!

    Yeah, a little welling up over here too, but what a glorious tribute for the Sammer!!!

    ALL the pictures show a happy boy and a whole lot of love between the two of you…a oneness of souls….REALLY!

    I think I’ve told you this before….when you shared Sam’s video showing him still enjoying himself…still checking out the bunny hiding places…still able to be Sam….I just want you to know how much those images, and your courage and selfless love for Sam stayed with me. You and Sam inspired us all in sooooo many ways, and the way you and Sam carried out his transistion was one way you impacted us. I made sure my Happy Hannah was still able to be herself as best as possible for her transition. Thank you for showing me how.

    With love and gratitude and with a standing ovation for a life well lived…

    Sally and My Eternal Light Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle too!

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