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Thursday, November 21st, 2013...1:05 PM


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I realized I never made a blog post, and probably should have 😀 But Sally saw the forum post (and photos!), so I don’t have to worry about her and Hannah yelling at me 😉

First there was the Big Pig…and now, there is Little Pig :D

Introducing Gryphon (or, as the fancy paperwork says “Sovereign’s Heart of a Lion at SamRock”). He just turned 8 weeks, and we picked him up on Thursday. He flew like a champ–kept his kennel clean all the way here (he came from Arkansas), got out wagging his tail, and has been quite the little man ever since. He was super sleepy for the first half-day or so, but now that some of our fatigue is wearing off, though, his saltiness is coming out :D

I wasn’t sure how I felt about a white dog, but he sure is cute. He also likes dirt. Especially eating it. And rolling in it. But eating it is awesome.

So far, Momo likes him–follows him around and plays with him (until he gets too rough). What’s funny is, what means “play” in Dog…means “knock that shit off” in Cat.So there have been some frustrating conversations. I feel kind of bad for him, since several of his siblings were black, and about the same size Momo is, so it probably confuses the shit out of him why THIS “puppy” is sending him mixed messages. :D Here is one of their “games”:

Also, as of the other night…Gryphon has upped his game. Now, he enjoys HUMPING momo. So yeah, definitely channeling Sammy on that one 😀

As for the rest of the cats, Frank and Max are…indifferent? He’s there. They ignore him, mostly. And since they ignore him, he doesn’t even notice them. Finnegan Does Not Want (which I think is funny and a taste of his own medicine. I also think he’s pouting a bit, since he’s no longer the baby). He sits on the barstools and watches him, then jumps down, hisses/smacks/and leaves. Except when it’s food time. That is interesting enough to warrant getting closer.

Sadie also Does Not Want. She didn’t like being alone…but she doesn’t like THIS, either. She can now be within 2.5 feet of him without spazzing out, but that’s about it. They bonded in solidarity (SLIGHTLY) yesterday,since they had to go to the vet. I feel bad for Gryphon–he keeps trying to play with Sadie, and she’s like STFU. GO AWAY. I HATE YOU. AND YOU. AND ALL OF YOU. HATE DEVIL FACE. So, slow going. She hasn’t tried to kill him, but she’s not playing with him, either.

As of today, 6 days later…we’ve progressed to just normal hate face…not HATE DEVIL FACE. Gryphon has also upped his game here, as well, and now plays “bite Sadie’s tail”. Ah, a crowd favorite, to be sure.

Here are some pictures of our first couple of days:

“Help me! I am in prison!” (actually, he was very mild mannered and happy when we got him at the airport.)

Help, help! I

In Puppy Alcatraz

I’m a big fat boy! 15 lbs of fuzz. (Er, Gryphon, not Pat)

I guess it was a big day for everyone…

Everybody jazz step!

Bath time makes me sad :(

Extreme (sad face) Closeup!

Pretending to like each other. Sort of. Kind of. Not really. Can we have treats now?

Toesie Woesies!

(If you can’t tell…his favorite place to sit is under the kitchen stools. :D )


  • I’m in photo heaven over here! Yeah, I saw them the other day but, heck, that was eons ago. And theyr’e always cuter the second time arou d because you see things you missed before!…..Like how much Gryphon and Pat look alike!!

    I love that Gryhon is carryng n Sammy’s humping gene!

    Sadie, you might want to be vriends with the pup! He’s gonna be a big pig soon!

    Okay Megan……can you make a link for us “non face burger” people? You kow I can’t miss this viceo!

    Loving these updates! Sam, you keep on teaching that boy how to become top dog arou d there…..or at least “Co Top Dog’ with Sadie!


    Sally and Happy Hannah

  • Sally: The video should be viewable for everyone–even non facebook people. (Unless, of course, you are using the browser on the ipad…in which case it uses flash.)

    BUT…if you can’t, here it is on YouTube:

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  •   penny4weims
    November 21st, 2013 at 8:38 PM    Reply

    He is a cutie cutie pie!

  • Love him. I am so glad you have Gryphon to help ease the pain 🙂 He is so cute

    Michelle & Angel Sassy

  •   fourminipups
    November 21st, 2013 at 9:31 PM    Reply

    What a little chunky monkey! Love that curly tail.

  • Yaaaaaay! I got to see iton Youtube…TWICE! Still grinning ear to ear!

    That is soooooooo cute! He is just adorable!

    And a HUGE big boy bark!!

    You just wait Momo, Gryh will be showing who’s the boss pretty soon!

    Ya’ know Megan…he does jave a little bit of bunny in him:-) 🙂

    Thaks for giving me themyoutbe link! I would jave hated to miss this one!

    Much love!

    Sally and Happy Hannah

  • I’m just a giggling over here… I think it is awsome that you have added another four legger to your heart and family!!
    He is such a cutie patootie!!! You know.. akitas are used for sled dogs as well.. so that explains pulling the basket!!! lol

    Christine….. with Franklin in her heart♥

  • I wuv his whittle pink toes and pink nose!!!! Congrats to the cutest, whitest pig I’ve ever seen!!!
    ~ Katy & Jackson

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