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Thursday, September 12th, 2013...8:49 PM

The Pig Dog Has Left the Building

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At 5:40 p.m. today, September 12, we said goodbye. Sam and I spent the day together…the whole time, he kept looking at me slightly askance, like “WTF, lady? What’s with all the hugging and shit??” :D As my vet said when he called before he came over and was asking how we spent our day, “So…basically you spent 8 hours torturing him” :p


But Sam has NEVER been a hugger. In the same room, hanging out with you? Yes. Always. But a lap dog/affection hound…no. The look on his face in this picture from a few years ago (which, BTW, is one of my favorites–and very akin to erica/Jill’s smushes ;-) ) pretty much sums it up:


I am sure I will say more later, but it was a Good Day. If you have to go out, spend it doing all the lazy things a philodendron with fur would do. Have some hot dogs, some Popsicles, and jelly beans. Follow mom around as she picks up poop in the yard. Make friends with the construction worker next door. Eat some bird feathers that may or may not have had dessicated bird parts in them. Take a nap while your mom and dad sit annoyingly close to you and cry (WTF?). Then, greet your friend Dr. C. and naughty nurse Jacqie when they come over to hang out, chill in the living room for awhile, and just drift off.

Piggers, we were two of a kind. My life is so much richer for having you in it. Safe travels.

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  • We were sad to hear about Sam, our Gizmo liked to see Sam after the physical therapy. Since we normally had the time slot just before Sam, Giz always looked for Sam. Sam always looked happy and full of mischief, you always have to wonder what they are thinking. It is always tough loosing a close pet, they are like children but I am sure that the two of them are scheming up something about now. Our home was so empty, we found a rescue and named her Gypsy, she is a 50 lb holy terror and needs to be on or near you at all times.

    Again we are so very sad to hear of the loss of Sampson. He will be missed.

    • Bruce and Sandy: I have no idea how I didn’t see this post. Thank you for your kind words–it means a lot. Sam also looked forward to seeing Giz. Nothing like a couple of big, fuzzy (well, Sam USED to be fuzzy as a youngster), seniors ambling about looking for fun 😀

      I also want to thank you for being so generous and donating your remaining sessions after Gizmo passed. I was so touched that you had just suffered such a loss, and yet, here you were…thinking of others. It meant so much to me, and I was happy to pay that forward when Sam died.

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