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Friday, May 24th, 2013...7:08 PM

The Kindness of Strangers

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We have been doing PT for eight weeks now at the Animal Emergency and Referral Center; last week, we also started acupuncture there.

Most of the time, the client before ours was a big, fluffy, senior Malamute lady named Gizmo, who, like Sampson, was in for pain relief and mobility sessions (although she was four-legged). We didn’t know her well, but Sam would get excited every time she came shuffling out through the lobby, always wanting to run (hop?) over and greet her. PT John and I always joked that Sam had fur envy over that beautiful, thick coat. :-)

Yesterday, after our acupuncture session, Dr. Albright (who does the acp.) told us there would be no charge for the day’s services. She explained that Gizmo had passed away the day before, and her family wanted to donate her remaining sessions to other elderly/hospice patients who were also in acp./PT for pain management and quality of life care.

I was so sad to hear of her passing, yet deeply touched that her family would be that generous and remember others when they were going through such a hard time themselves. I’m sure a refund for their unused sessions would have been a boon–no matter what your financial situation, these things add up after awhile–so to give back is a true mark of thoughtfulness. I will most certainly remember that, and pay it forward in the future.

So, thank you, Gizmo’s family. Safe travels for your pupper over the Bridge.

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  • We hope Sampson and the other animals that would have been helped by using our pre-paid acupuncture sessions and the Physical Therapy items we gave to the hospital to donate in order to help other families. We feel blessed that we had 13 years with such a majestic pet like Gizmo, it is what she would have wanted as well. She spread joy to many in her life, it was only fitting to help others after her passing. We hope in some small way, Gizmo helped pets like Sampson and others by the donated sessions and items. We are sorry that we did not respond earlier, we just heard about this posting today.

    Please feel free to go to Gizmo’s facebook and see how lucky we were to have her in our life. She was loved dearly and will be missed immensely by all who knew her. She was and still is our “Pride and Joy”. Gizmo, We Love You!

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