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Friday, May 3rd, 2013...12:42 PM

Hopefully our food frenzy (or lack of) is resolved for a while

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Most recent update re: food and meds:

Still losing weight…but bloodwork appears normal and appetite is out-standing. So much so, I’ve even been able to start sneaking the K9 Immunity + back into his food. Don’t tell him.

We reduced the pred to 10 mg/daily. Still on tramadol.

Vet thinks that despite relatively normalish bloodwork, he may have Addison’s Disease. He’s not what you’d call a typical case (if you can have one of those), but the symptoms line up, and he’s already got one autoimmune disorder (SA), and akitas and other pacific rim type dogs tend to test wonky in some things, so…

Not a huge deal, in the scheme of things, b/c the treatment for Addisons is…prednisone. The only real thing it would change would be we couldn’t go back to the piroxicam

We are going to try and titer down gradually on the pred. and find the magic dose for him.

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  •   benny55
    May 3rd, 2013 at 1:33 PM    Reply

    You are his magic dose! What a lucky boy to have you:-)

    No he’s not a typical case, he’s “Big Dog’ Pig Dog” and doesn’t do anything “normal”! When you’re that unique yo have to have unique issues!

    Continue to stay strong and keep that wonderful energy of yours intact. You are a delightful “family”:-)

    Sally and Happy Hannah

  • Sampson I’m SO glad you are eating again and things are looking pretty good overall.

    You are most definitely NOT typical, in every sense of the word. That’s gets high marks in my book, you are “original” defined.


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