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Monday, April 22nd, 2013...12:29 PM

Update, April 22: The French Like Processed Meat Products

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Talked with the vet. We have discontinued Prilosec, as that in and of itself, can cause nausea/tummy distress. We’re scheduled for bloodwork on Wednesday to rule out renal or liver failure or other complications. He doesn’t think Meloxicam will help, as it’s also known to cause GI distress, and he doesn’t feel it’s as effective in anti-tumour properties as Piroxicam. We will also look at his mushroom supplement, which is a syrnige, so maybe will work better than the Immunity Plus.

Saturday night, we ate a hot dog and 1/3rd cup of chicken breast with a bit of PerkiLac sprinkled on them. We ate a couple nuggets of kibble that happened to be stuck to it, as well :P

Sunday AM was two hot dogs. Snubbed everything else. Sunday PM, see Saturday…but with one or two more kibbles, a green bean or two, and some gravy from KFC.

This AM, was a single hot dog, with some chicken (regular and KFC leftovers), and maybe 1/2 cup kibble. He desn’t WANT the kibble, but if I bury the other stuff, he will eat around it.

We no longer will eat Fancy Feast. Nor any other type of wet food, no matter how crappy. I even tried two different kinds of liver treats…denied. Cat food (both the renal failure and premium kinds, as well as the cheapest friskies I could find)=rejected.

And, of course, if any of the foods on the Do Not Fly list even REMOTELY come in contact with the other stuff…no dice.

Right now, the list of things we’ll eat fairly consistently, even a little of, is:

Hot dogs

Chicken (plain…except he also will happily eat KFC. Begged for it, in fact)

Crappy dry dog biscuits

ice cream

Deli Ham

Some other stuff is hit or miss. Every day is an adventure :-)

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